Mitzvah Day 2022 - With Super Sunday snack chat

Mitzvah Day 2022 - With Super Sunday snack chat

20 November 2022 10:00

What is Mitzvah Day ?

Mitzvah Day is an International day of social action that brings thousands of people of all faiths and of all ages together, to give their time, NOT their money, to make a difference to the local community around them. 

Mitzvah Day, takes place this year on Sunday 20st November 2022

What is Super Sunday with a breakfast NOT in bed snack chat

We meet every Sunday at 10AM to litter pick around our park and area, but once a month we have a Super Sunday (Litter pick plus refreshments) we meet up, litter pick, tidy up and do some light maintenance around our park. Super Sundays include a light breakfast, tables and places to sit and chat with others.

You are in safe handsOur lovely cook has never killed anyone with her cooking and as a mixed community, we are fully compliant and considerate to all different dietary needs.





We are hoping to have the pleasure of you joining us for this year’s Mitzvah Day, truly a treat for all involved

Our Mitzvah Day starts at Sunday 20th November 2022 10 am (meet at ParkLife Cafe)

Harrow Weald recreation ground is fortunately a very clean park, in thanks to the amazing community around it; therefore, Mitzvah Day does not offer any hard work, just a few options around the park to help care for humans and bugs alike, with an inspiring feeling of we are all in it together. 

Please come and enjoy some time together in our local park, rain or shine, enjoy life and nature, we are alive.  

2022 – This year we are going to include our Super Sunday, with a breakfast NOT in bed snack chat and a bit more.

Pictures from last Mitzvah day! 

Mitzvah Day ParkLife mission 2022

1: Adding some fruit trees to the orchard, we started last Mitzvah Day

2: Light tidying up around the front section of the park, with some seed planting

3: Revisit our wonderful corpse, clear and tidy the area to help the trees breathhhhhhhhhh

4: Litter pick the boundary bushes, free the bugs, revitalise and replenish the areas below the bushes to help the bugs flourish  

5: We will be running a silly participants competition (Maybe best photo of the day, a hunt for something very very small we will let you know) 

6: Super Sunday, which includes a breakfast NOT in bed snack chat - We provide a light snack and a bit more. 

7: Nature will be providing all participants with a long lasting inner happiness in exchange for just 2/ 3 hours of caring for nature and being with other people in the park.

8: Clear and tidy the overgrown area of the newly gated Metroline strip of land for community use. 


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